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I am a homebody at heart, happiest with my kids running through the house while I putter in my "craft room", which also doubles as my youngest sons play room. My profession is nursing, but recently I have decided to take a leave of steady work, and return to school to pursue my goal to become a speech pathologist and eventually work with adults who have had their speech and swallow affected illness.
I live in Texas with my family. I have a large family, 6 boys (4 left at home), a beautiful step daughter and 2 daughter in laws, 6 grandchildren, 2 dogs, and I am second mom to most of my sons neighborhood friends. We never lack for companionship around here!
With the start of 2012, I have set several goals, but they all revolve around one pare down my whirlwind life. I want to create more, waste less, clean out the cobwebs of my life...physically and metaphorically.
So come along and follow me on this journey...


Family, a good book, anything crafty